Fishing Arjeplogsfjällen

More and more people are looking to the Swedish mountains. Fishing in the Arjeplog mountains are becoming more popular. Here you will find a great variety of fishing, everything from the usual and classically spinning, to fly fishing and trolling in big lakes. Fishing Arjeplogsfjällen suits alla. It does not matter if you are a family of fishermen, crazy angler or a clean holidaymakers. Arjeplog mountains always have something to offer! The entire municipality will find 8727 lakes, Sweden's deepest lake Hornavan, Piteälven, Skellefteälven and Laisälven. Arjeplog mountains is really a pure fishing paradise!

Fishing Arjeplogsfjällen

Fishing Arjeplogsfjällen


Fish in the Arjeplog mountains

Arjeplog mountains have something to offer to all fishermen. The fish species you find here are many. When we talk about mountain fishing, it is mainly trout and char. Today there are not so many good trout water left in the Swedish mountains, but in the Arjeplog mountains you will find many of them. Harr is also a species that is found in abundance in the area. Grayling fishing in the streams and rivers is the absolute best. There are many fine stretches that are appropriate for this fishery. When you get higher up in the mountains disappears grayling. The trout there really is plenty of, and it also becomes quite large and well stocked with adult in most water, both in streams and lakes. Arjeplog has several large lakes Uddjaure, Hornavan, Storavan and several other. Here are trolling increasingly popular for mainly trout and char. But even pike fishing in these regions is very good!

Fishing grounds in the Arjeplog mountains

There are plenty of fishing grounds in the Arjeplog mountains. Most fishermen will find their own favorite places, as they return to year after year. The place we on Fishing in Norrland recommend is Tjaktjaure mountain fishing where fishing is really good and relatively easily accessible. Near the cottages you have the big lake Tjaktjaure where you can safely capture nice char and trout right outside the cabins. The trout in this lake gets really large adult and fish over a kilo are common. It is very popular to rent a boat here, because most larger fish are taken annually from boat. It is both spinning and fly fishing applicable, but above all, trolling / trolling. The lake is located right next to the cabins and is therefore very easily accessible and suitable for everyone, but especially to the holidays- and family fishermen. If you want to go hiking and fishing in the mountains so we recommend being driven across the lake to go up the mountain where there are plenty of fine mountain lakes. Where you can find among others. upper and lower Mujtunisjaure. These lakes are a very fine trout stocks with fine top fish that pop up now and then. There are lots of different options depending on how adventurous or comfortable they are. This area is so much variation in the fishery and what it provides for us visitors in Arjeplogs mountains. Therefore, we recommend this particular area to you!

Björn Larsson with char from the Arjeplog mountains

Flugfiskesträckor i Arjeplogsfjällen

In Arjeplog there 8 fly fishing stretches totaling 105 km, Thus, the entire 10 thousand! These are entirely reserved for fly fishers. In the area we were advised above, there are two fly-fishing stretches, Smuolejåkkå and Sieldutjåkkå, which is 20 and 22 km long. These distances are very fine and keeps plenty of combative trout in good average weight.


What fishing equipment to wear in the mountains is obvious to some, but not for others. If you have never been in the mountains and fished before, so everything is new, just like everything else fishing. Below we describe the different fishing methods short of utrustningsväg and what baits that usually works best. Get advice, but do not be afraid to test your own theories and specials in bait box!

Trolling or drag rowed

There are many anglers who choose to conjure or ro pull behind the boat, especially in the large and deep mountain lakes. Here it is not always as easy to access the larger individuals of char and trout at the spinning- or fly fishing. When you conjure you must use only one rod under the Fisheries card rules in most waters. There are some big lakes where it is permitted with more rods at time of trolling cards. When one conjures in ordinary mountain lakes, it is usually a good idea to stick to the bottom interesting structure that deep precipices, reefs or sometimes deep large areas where the fish are high in the water column. These area is usually safe for big fish, regardless of trout or char. Wobbler or spoon are always given bait cool, but it often tends to deliver the best is the classic long-drawn, with worm as bait. This attract fish at great distances. One need not be afraid to quiet them too slowly. On a hot summer day can fish deeper and you can with great advantage ro slowly over deep areas to get lengthier to fish deep. For this type of fishing you need a more powerful equipment.

S-O Larsson with 2-pound mountain trout

Traditionally spinning

Spinning with regular haspelutrustning is the most common method of fishing, which undoubtedly has the most practitioners in the Arjeplog mountains. Spinning in the mountains usually occurs away from the shore and then it is an advantage to be able to throw far. Being able to throw far can sometimes be crucial for a successful fishing, if the fish goes way out, as they often do. Everything depends of course on how habitat in the lake looks. It quickly becomes deep close to land the fish tend to go where, these areas is therefore a first choice for spin fishing in the mountains. To throw far, you need a longer rod with appropriate casting weight to throw spinners and small spoons that tends to be good bait choices. A spinning rod on 9 feet with a throw weight up to 20 gr is quite appropriate. For this you need a small and compact spinning reel that you fill with thin spun rope. Do you want to be extra thorough, place a fluorocarbon tippet furthest out before the bait to protect against sharp rocks and is less visible in the water.

Fly Fishing

Fly fishing usually many cold for an art, A more refined method of fishing. Sometimes it is not suitable at all and the severity increases enormously. While at other times when fly fishing is far superior. For example, when the insects hatch in large quantities and the fish begins to hunt and eat selectively, which means that they hone in on just this changing. In flowing water is suitable excellent fly fishing, while it becomes more difficult in lakes. Then it can be with the tools that waders or even a float tube, for you to be able to access the fish. Which fly to use is a science and it often involves imitating what the fish are eating at the moment. Torrflugor, nymphs, wet flies and streamers, the list goes on. At the lake fishing is appropriate with a 9 foot rod in class 5-6. It might be good to have a bit stronger for longer casts or better line control in windy conditions. Fishermen in small brushy streams, it may be easier with a shorter rod in class 4 to make it more fun.

Fiskeregler i Arjeplogsfjällen

Below are the rules that apply in the Arjeplog mountains. It is the county administrative board that controls where and how to fish on state land above the cultivation. You should always check their fishing license Annex, that they give out each year. Here you will find all the rules and regulations applicable. But remember, it is always the fisherman's own responsibility to find out what kind of rules and fishing license. So take your time and read through a fishing permit attachment in the link above.

  • It is permissible for a total take up and retain a maximum 5 trout and grayling per fisherman per day (Example: either 5 Harrar or 2 graylings and 3 trout).
  • The minimum length to kill and keep fish is: 35 cm for trout; 35 cm for trout; 50 cm for salmon. The length is measured from the tip of the nose to the tail fin.
  • In order to protect ungstadierna of salmonid fish, fishing with natural baits (mask, Maggot, Shrimp, bait fish and the like) prohibited in flowing water. Any exceptions shown by fishing license Annexes.
  • To protect trout in connection with game fishing for trout is prohibited in flowing waters between 1 September and 14 October. Trout caught during this period must unconditionally released back, regardless of size and whether the fish is injured or not.
  • To protect the grayling in the course of play, fishing for grayling prohibited between 10 May and 10 June Arjeplog Municipality. Grayling caught during this period, unconditionally released back, regardless of size and whether the fish is injured or not.
  • In order to limit catch outlet in small streams are ice fishing in streams and sel prohibited in all streams except the main rivers, Pite-, Kalix- and Torne Rivers. With sel meant calm waters less than 1 km and a maximum width of less than 200 m.
  • Coffee grounds of fishing is not allowed.

Permits in Arjeplogsfjällen

On a fishing license annex linked above you will find links and / or contact information for the places that sell fishing licenses for the Arjeplog mountains. A single card is valid in all water. You can also buy a fishing license online, these can be found at Young people under 16 fish free when accompanied by parent or guardian with fishing permits.

  • 70:- for 1 day.
  • 125:- for 3 day.
  • 220:- for 7 day.
  • 440:- for a calendar year. Additional people living at the same address can solve annual pass family member 125:-.